Shop This Space: warm bohemian living

Hi loves! Welcome back to Shop This Space, a series that will allow you to shop home decor pieces directly inspired by spaces that I find aesthetically pleasing. From boho to farmhouse to elegant spaces, you'll see it all in this series! For more information about this series, check out the very first instalment; Shop … Continue reading Shop This Space: warm bohemian living

Butcher Block Countertops + Open Shelving

Most of my time on Pinterest is spent browsing through gorgeous home layouts and rooms done up in perfect style, in an attempt to hopefully make my mind up about what I want in my forever home (one day). When it comes to the kitchen space- I think I got it pretty well figured out. … Continue reading Butcher Block Countertops + Open Shelving

Fall Home Decor Inspiration

Happy Autumn season everyone! Bringing in the Fall equinox has lifted my spirits and swept in a breath of fresh air- which is exactly what I needed. I've truly come into my element with fall being my favourite season. I'm so excited for the leaves to start changing, the air to become crisp and chilly, … Continue reading Fall Home Decor Inspiration