February Favourites

Hey guys! Late again with the monthly favourites, I know I know- I promised to do better and I'll step it up for next month. With February being a short month (even with the leap year) I feel like it was also a slow month when it comes to my favourites. Nonetheless, I still have … Continue reading February Favourites

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January Favourites

It's been forever since I've updated you all on my latest favourites and things that I just can't seem to live without. This year I shared my goals of being more consistent when it comes to blogging, and that definitely includes keeping up with my monthly updates- which I lacked in doing over the year … Continue reading January Favourites

February Favourites

The last time that I updated what I'm currently obsessed with to share with all of y'all was in August, and let me tell you there's been a few new thing's added into my life that I can't go without since then.

Channels I can’t get enough of

For the past couple months I've been spending a good couple hours of my day on that great little ol' app, YouTube. I got sucked into it, and now I can't seem to stop watching the channels I absolutely fell in love with. As I mentioned in my post about the things I obsessed over … Continue reading Channels I can’t get enough of

August Favourites

Hello loves! ♥︎ It's a whole new month ya'll. Where the hell did August go? I can't believe that it's already September. This year has flown by, and with it has come a lot of change and a lot of personal growth- but that's for another post. Today I wanted to let you in on … Continue reading August Favourites

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hello beautiful people, My name's Nicole & welcome back to my blog! If you're new here make sure to subscribe to my blog and check out all my other social media channels that will be linked down below! I hope you enjoy today's blog post ♡ The last thing that I would call my self … Continue reading Fall Fashion Inspiration

July Favourites

Hi everyone! ♥︎ Today I wanted to let you in on what I was obsessed with during the month of July! I'm sharing everything I'm currently into- from podcasts, to books, to TV shows. Let's dive in. On the Telly I watch a different variety of television shows, I don't have a genre that's my go-to … Continue reading July Favourites