Coffee Convo’s

Hey guys!

Happy hump day— I hope you’re all doing well and are excited about quarantine slowly coming to an end!

This series on the blog was always meant to be more of a journal entry, a place where I can talk about anything and everything that’s been going on with me. Personally I love reading journal like entries and catching up with my favourite bloggers like What Up Wednesday with Savannah and Hundia’s Journal Entries!

The coffee convos that I’ve previously posted were ultimately very structured, with headings and the professional format that I would use to post a blog post on a specific subject. And that’s not what I want this series to be— I want it to be personal, like you’re catching up with a friend.

With that being said going forward coffee convo’s is going be authentic and won’t feature any ad’s, collaborations, or affiliate links and instead just feature me talking to you!

I hope that you’ll all love the changes that I’m making to this series, and I’m excited for you wonderful readers to get to know me better. So, without further or do grab a warm cuppa and cozy up for a catch up with yours truly!

These past two weeks I’ve slowly been going back to work and getting into the “new normal” of things. I have to say that it does feel good to be back at work doing what I love, but part of me is missing being at home all day and having the time [& energy] to create content and get things done around the house.

Speaking of the house, quarantine granted us with the much needed time to do all of the small updates we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in. We got so much done and our little home is starting to come together so beautifully. I never imagined that it would take us approximate 5 months to fully decorate and update our space [inside and out] but boy were they ever right when they said Rome wasn’t build in a day.

We started with the backyard and now we are currently working on the guest bedroom, be sure to keep your eyes pealed here and on my socials for the reveals!

sneak peak of the garden [before shot and the painting process]

Our house isn’t the only thing that’s changed over quarantine— Tristan & I made the decision to add another fur baby to our family! She was born a week and a half ago and we are crossing our fingers that she’ll be ready to come home to us in August. So like the basic, over the top pet Mom that I am I’m making you wait for our puppy announcement to tell you her breed and her name and I can’t wait!!! It’s going to be so fun having a little squish again, I remember when Bella was so small and I just wanted to eat her [not seriously though I would never hurt my babies].

Over quarantine I’ve also become a plant queeennn. My house is slowly turning into a jungle, and I’m loving it. It makes me so happy seeing new growth and honestly just keeping them all alive because there was a time that I killed anything green.

If you watch my IG stories you’ve heard me say a plant tour is coming! However I really want to be able to tell you guys exactly what I do to keep my babies happy so you can get some plant friends of your own! Sooo I’ve been waiting on some new plants I’ve gotten recently to sprout some new growth before I lay out any care instructions because trust me when I say I never want you to have to watch your plants die. It’s seriously the saddest thing ever.

new growth on my pretty prayer plant [short bright green stalks]

Other than that my focus for the next couple of weeks is getting back into my Doula studies and finishing my website so that I can start to take on clients! How exciting.

What’s been up with you lovely souls? Let me know how your last couple weeks have been in the comment section below!

Stay well sunshine’s,

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