Office Space Transformation!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me talking non-stop about completing my little office space, and the unfortunate delivery mishap with my desk. I’m happy to announce that it’s officially arrived and my office space is complete!

When we moved into our new place in February we noticed right away that there’s a nook that’s perfect for a desk; a productive place where all my blogging and Etsy shop orders can get accomplished. It took a little bit to put it together and get the furniture pieces, but I’m so excited to be able to finally show you the awesome before and after! Let’s dive in.


The biggest issue is the amount of different supplies that I have to create whatever you could imagine. In my collection some of the items include but are not limited to:

With a stockpile this vast I definitely needed to figure out a way to organize the space so it didn’t look like a huge junk pile 24/7. Fortunately [as you can see in the photos] there is a storage closet conveniently located in my office nook and that’s where I store all the items that I’m not using at the time. A clean desk definitely makes for more productive work!


It’s so exciting when something that you’ve envisioned in your head comes together exactly how you wanted it to!

Knowing that I was going to position the desk under the window so I could get as much natural light as possible, I wanted to incorporate a gallery wall of sorts to fill up the blank space. I added some prints from my Etsy shop and also a picture of boho rainbows that I painted myself, then I added an extra corner self that I just had laying around which is now where my fish lives!

With Easter just around the corner I also wanted to add some decor in honour of one of my favourite holidays, so I created a cute bunny rabbit silhouette banner using my Cricut Maker and some card-stock!

The desk is super simple and functional not to mention easy to assemble, we ordered it from Amazon and although it got a little lost on its way here I absolutely love it. It’s a great size and height which saves my back and neck from getting sore while I’m sitting for long periods of time.

Speaking of sitting, we ordered this awesome chair from Wayfair and it came super quick! It too was so easy to assemble and is simple, functional, and super cute. The material feels very durable and the cover to the back piece of the chair is actually removable so I can wash it if need be. The height of the chair is also easily adjustable, and because it’s on wheels it’s easy to move around!

Unfortunately this chair is currently out of stock but the good news is that they have tons of other options that are extremely similar!

To make the space feel more cozy I added a little area rug, some plants, and of course a salt lamp. I have some of my scrunchies from the Etsy shop on display, and best believe there is always a coffee on this desk.

I’m so excited to utilize this adorable little space and what a perfect time to do so since we’re the majority of us are stuck inside and working from home.

Do you have an office space in your home? I’d love to see the way that you designed it!

I hope you’re all staying safe and staying home [if you can] and trying to keep busy!

As always,


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If you follow me on IG you’ve probably seen me talking non-stop about completing my little office space, I’m happy to announce that it’s officially complete!

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