Unpopular opinion— why I hate carpet

Isn’t it the weirdest thing when you discover that someone (about 20/30 years ago) decided it was trendy to cover up stunning hardwood floors with carpet?! Whoever that was, should be shamed. For multiple, multiple reasons.

Alright y’all it’s time for another Unpopular Opinion, I haven’t done a post in this series since I talked about hating the summer time (I know I’m an odd one) so buckle up! This series is so fun because not only do I get to rant but it’s awesome to see those of you who can relate, and remind me that I’m not alone in my loathing.

*just to clarify, I hate carpeted rooms. I have an undying love for area rugs!

MY dog also hates carpet

As we have learned over the last year, my dog doesn’t like carpet. As in she tears it up whenever I leave for work (read more about this habit that she has here) and I come home to a gigantic mess that not only is annoying but also dangerous for my fur babies. God forbid they ingest any of the carpet strings or padding that is underneath of it, I would feel utterly horrible.

So naturally this just fuels my hate for carpet, and reassures Tristan and I that we absolutely can not have carpet in our forever home. Area rugs and small runners are totally fine and go unscathed by the dog, but carpet is a definite no in our household.

its filthy (no offence)

Whenever my dog pulls up carpet, I get to see what’s underneath and I hate to tell you that its usually a gross amount of dirt. In the apartment that we’re in now has a staircase that leads you down into our home from the front door and those stairs are carpeted.

The bottom two steps unfortunately fell victim to Bella so for the safety of them both I had to cut the carpet off. The sand that was under that carpet was unreal, but partly because everyone (us included) doesn’t take off their shoes until they reach the bottom of the staircase because that’s where our foureir is.

If you have an older carpet and especially carpet on stairs just think about what could be under there in terms of dirt, sand, and just filth from walking on it constantly.

Can y’all see the sand/dirt?!

Not to mention what happens when you spill something on carpet? It isn’t like you can take it outside and wash it or throw it in the machine- how will you know for sure that you got everything out and clean? I for one am not taking that risk.

Dust and allergens

Oddly enough there have been many studies done on carpets and the effect that they can cause on your health and they all say the same thing: carpets attract and store indoor air pollutants such as dirt, dust particles, allergens and other contaminations (don’t even get me started on creepy crawlies, yuck).

If you’d like to do some more research, click and read this awesome article.


Lets face it, carpet doesn’t have very good wear and tear. And even if it does it always reaches a point where it just doesn’t look good anymore. You know the look, matted down, stained, outdated, the list could go on but I’ll spare you the antics.

For me, I’d much rather install a laminate or vinyl plank flooring knowing that it will last and will hold up in appearance for years. Plus laminate or vinyl flooring will be easier to change out in the long run when you want to update your space- carpet (speaking from experience) is a real pain to remove, mainly because of all the bloody little staples.

Thanks for tuning in to another unpopular opinion post to hear me rant and rave, I hope that you were able to rant and rave along side me. If you’re an avid carpet lover than I truly hope that this post didn’t offend you! I never intend to offend, and I encourage everyone to do whatever they want to do in this crazy life so if you love carpet you keep on loving carpet!

Leave me a comment down below and let me know your opinion on carpet and whether or not you’d prefer just to have area rugs and hardwood.

as always,


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Isn’t it the weirdest thing when you discover that someone (about 20/30 years ago) decided it was trendy to cover up stunning hardwood floors with carpet?! Whoever that was, should be shamed.

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