Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over with Vinyl

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been busy making our new place feel more like a home and with my Cricut Maker its been so much fun and so easy to personalize this space!

In this post I’ll walk you through a super easy process to revamp and bring some style (or as my gf would say some spice) to the inside of your kitchen cabinets using the Cricut and permanent vinyl. Lets jump in!

Tools You’ll Need:

To Start

Select what pattern you want to use! I often look to Pinterest to find an image but this time I actually found a pattern on Canvas that I loved and since I have a free 30-day trial it was totally free!

cut it with cricut

Now its all up to the machine. Send your image to your Cricut to cut- I found that it took longer than most of the cuts that I usually make but overall it still took less than 5 minutes which isn’t bad considering how intricate the design I chose is.

I printed out my designs in the size 8″ x 8″ and I found that it was perfect for the space its intended for. However, I do suggest measuring the space before you go ahead and print the design- don’t be like me and just eyeball it. Although eyeballing it does work (for me at least) most of the time, if you want your decal to look flawless it’s worth doing the extra step.

Weed it

Once you’ve cut the design out in the two colours of your choosing (I chose gold and black) its time to weed it! I used my weeding tool from Cricut and although it did take some time and patience the weeding tool made it super easy.

cut it in half

Next, if you want to combine the two colours into one pattern like I did, you’ll need to cut each pattern in half. I cut the patterns diagonally and it was super easy with my Martha Stewart cutting mat because it has multiple different cutting guidelines!

Once you have your two halves cut, match them up with each other as well as you can to create the original shape, in this case obviously a square. You can place some tape on the backside to keep the two halves in place while you apply the transfer sheet.

Transfer and apply It

Next what you want to do is apply your transfer paper and carefully (and patiently) remove the design from the paper backing.

I started the design application with the original square that I created, and then as you can see below I cut off excess from my scraps that I had (the other halves of the designs) to make the design “fit”.

I use the word fit loosely because I wasn’t crazy about making it perfect, which is why I didn’t care to fix the design thats in the back of my cabinet because odds are that there will always be cups covering that portion anyways.

voila you’re done

And you’re done! A super easy, and cost friendly way to bring a little personality to the inside of your kitchen cabinets!

I’m definitely planning on carrying out this pattern throughout the rest of my hanging cabinets and for those who are interested I have something else in store for the lowers so stay tuned for that!

I hope you found some inspiration from this post or found the step-by-step instructions helpful!

Make sure if you recreate this project that you tag me in your post [@nicolesniches]! I’d love to see all your amazing kitchen cabinet make-overs!

as always,


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In this post I’ll walk you through a super easy process to revamp and bring some style to the inside of your kitchen cabinets using the Cricut and permanent vinyl. Lets jump in!

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