A Cozy Gift Guide- for the snuggler in your life

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With the festive season comes colder weather and if your loved one is anything like myself, they spend the majority of the season curled up snuggling!

I’ve put together a gift guide featuring items that I can’t live without and that will make anyone feel comfy and cozy!

gift guide for the snuggles in your life

1 | Small Space Personal Mini Heater made by amazon basics this mini heater is perfect for any space as it doesn’t take up any room what-so-ever yet still emits a ton of heat. I love that it comes in pink, and it also has built in safety features!

2 | Long Haired Faux Fur Throw Blanket you can never have too many throw blanket, but in this case a long haired throw is not only warm and cozy it also is super cute decor.

3 | Large Hot Water Bottle & Gorgeous Faux Fur Soft Fleecy Cover I’ve had a hot water bottle for a few years now and it’s great because it stays warm for so long. I love to heat it up and throw it in my bed before I turn in and it will generally keep my bed toasty warm all night long.

4 | Tumbler with Lid and Straw this is perfect for the person who loves to snuggle up because you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink while you’re laying down all curled up!

5 | THE COMFY: Original Blanket Sweatshirt okay how genius is this?! A blanket and sweater all in one? Sign me up!

6 | Fuzzy Slippers I don’t know about you but I literally can’t stand cold feet, and I also got into the habit of wearing shoes in the house which I know is not ideal and drives my gf crazy so slippers are a great alternative! Fuzzy slippers make your feet feel cozy.

7 | Cozy Fluffy Socks this is another item that I feel you just can never have enough of. I always stock up on fluffy fuzzy socks in the winter time because there is nothing better than coming in from the cold and slipping on some warm cozy socks. And also, cold feet suck.

8 | Sherpa Pullover like everyone else I am currently obsessed with sherpa. I mean c’mon, it seems so cozy just looking at it! Imagine seeing your loved one opening this up on Christmas morning and then spending the day curled up watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, possibly catching a Christmas nap… pure joy.

9 | Plaid Pajama Pants every year I get pj pants from my Dad and my Step-Mom and it’s so perfect because I put them on right away and get to spend the rest of the day/night cozy and warm. This is a great idea that you can do for your loved one- start a new tradition!

I hope this gift guide was able to help you find that special snuggler in your life the perfect gift this holiday season. Leave your favourite find in the comment section below!

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