Gift Guide for the Commuter in Your Life

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Let’s be honest, commuting sucks and you probably know someone that has to do it 5 days a week. Luckily, I’ve curated a gift guide of products that will not only make your loved ones daily commute to work (and then home) more comfortable but more safe as well.

1 | Car Headrest Hook this car headrest hook is great because it allows you to hook your bags behind your seat as opposed to throwing them on your passenger seat. By doing this it not only frees up room but minimizes the chances of your bags going flying should you have to brake hard suddenly.

2 | UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter not only will this baby boost your car, it will also charge phones, tablets, and anything else that can be charged via USB outlet! Connect to any battery safely with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. It also had a built in LED light that will strobe and go into “SOS” mode in case of emergencies.

3 | Car Interior Lights okay how awesome are these?!? There LED lights illuminate the inside of your car no matter where you choose to stick ’em! I think they look so cool under the dash like it shows in the photo!

4 | Faraday Box for Car Keys something that I had no idea about was key-less car entry theft, or how common it is, yikes. Don’t ask me how it works because that’s a level of thinking that I can’t even comprehend, however I can provide you with this amazing gift. This box blocks signals that emit from your car keys, phone, credit card, and even looks cute on the counter!

5 | Gravity Car Phone Mount this is great because it allows you to still use your phone for the GPS, or hands-free calling (if you’re like me and have an older car that doesn’t have bluetooth) without being a distraction!

6 | AUKEY Car Charger this is essential for a commuter because lets face it, our phones are our lifeline and its always a good idea to have a full charge in case of emergencies. People who work all day sometimes don’t have the time to charge their phones or they forget to plug them in before bed so having a charger in the car is just super convenient and you can charge as you go.

7 | Electric Car Blanket if you live in a colder climate like I do (Canada winters are no joke) then this is so perfect! This electric car blanket will definitely help to make morning commutes less cold and more cozy.

8 | Car Essential Oil Diffuser we all know at least one person who loves essential oils and if that person also happens to be a commuter then this is so perfect. This diffuser will fit in most cupholders, and is super discrete.

9 | Drive Safe Car Key Chain this is just so darn cute. I love the message (something I’m always telling my gf) and I’m so excited to gift this this Christmas!

I hope this gift guide was able to help you find that special commuter in your life the perfect gift this holiday season. Leave your favourite find in the comment section below!

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