Coffee Convos: Christmas Edition

Hey everyone ♡!

I hope you’re all enjoying Blogmas and are starting to feel festive, I know that I sure am! Once the decorations in my house were up I was officially in Christmas mode, all thats missing at the moment is a tree!

In the spirit of Blogmas, this coffee convo will be all sorts of festive! Come join me, grab a nice hot cuppa and curl up for a catch up!

christmas decor

Speaking of Christmas decorations, since I’m in my own place I now get to decorate however I want and honestly it makes me so excited. Over the past week I made some new shelves for my living room, and it is currently home to the cutest and super festive decor pieces that I also acquired over the past week. Stay on the look out for an upcoming post about my Christmas decor!

christmas parties

Isn’t it funny that employers usually host Christmas parties in November? Or is that just Canada… who knows. This past month Tristan (my girlfriend) and I both had our work Christmas parties to attend, and they were both an extremely good time!

Tristan’s party was before mine, and it was a lot bigger and fancier but the company she works for is an international company so that was to be expected. The theme was masquerade and it was so fun to see everyone so dressed up and the different costumes/masks that people wore. Tristan and I didn’t end up wearing masks although we did have some we didn’t want to mess our hair up, girl problems.

My party was a little more intimate although still just as great and grand! Everyone was dressed up really nice and the location that it was held at was so charming and quaint- there was lights strung everywhere you looked, lanterns, and beautiful wood accents throughout the room. Unfortunately Tristan and I didn’t end up getting a photo together at my party but she did get a few good ones of me (she’s like my little personal photographer) on her brand new iPhone 11!

more work festivities

Everyone that I work with is really getting into the Christmas spirit and I am living for it! Our clinic is set up with cute decorations in every corner, as well as personalized little stockings hung up at our front desk with all of our names on them- they really make us feel so special at work!

Among the decorations we are also having a door decorating competition and let me tell you, some of those girls are competitive. Here’s hoping myself and my co-worker Meg will win! Our door is the one in the middle, there are 3 more doors to be complete and then the voting starts!

To round up the festivities before we all go on holiday we’re having a Christmas potluck towards the end of the month and I’m uber excited because who doesn’t love a variety of appetizer-like food? But aside from the food I’m excited to spend time with my co-workers friends and surprise them with a little gift that I have up my sleeve.

dressing up our animals

In the spirit of Christmas, the animals must suffer a little bit so that we can take the cutest photos of them. Last year we put little reindeer antlers on Bella (pic below) and this year we have Bean as well so we got something they both could wear and it was too cute not to share!


Now you’re all caught up! Whats been going on lately with you guys? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

As always,


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