Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

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the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

Do you have someone in your life that is passionate about feminism? I think we all know someone who is passionate about standing up for women’s rights for equality (as all women should be) and what better way to support their passion than by gifting them some feminist merch!

1 | The Vagina Bible this book has raving reviews and is a #1 national best seller! Part of being a feminist means advocating for women’s health, most importantly our reproductive health. This book is for all ages, so no matter how old you are you will learn something new about your vagina.

2 | 500-Piece Round Feminist Encouragement Stickers who doesn’t love some pretty stickers? These aren’t just pretty stickers though, they have important messages- “The future is female”, “Girl power”, “Resist and Persist” and many more! These are great for younger girls in school to stick in their locker or on their binder, or use them to seal invitations or personal letters.

3 | Smash The Patriarchy Mug you can never ever go wrong with gifting a mug, this one just so happens to be personalized for that special feminist in your life. Smash the patriarchy is the war cry of feminist, and something that they heavily believe in and stand for.

4 |  Feminist Hands Case Cover this case is inclusive yet super simple yet badass as hell.

5 | Hustle for Justice Feminist Pencil Set in Gold this is a great gift for those feminist you know that also work in an office. Pencils read: SHARPEN YOUR MIND, SMASH THE PATRIARCHY, DEFEAT THE HATERS, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, HUSTLE FOR JUSTICE, WORK THEN WHISKY

6 | All Titties T-Shirt “all tits are good tits“, this shirt will be an eye catcher but something that more people need to understand. Your body is perfect just the way it is! Breast are something that woman are often very self conscious about, but no two woman will have the same breast- so embrace and love what you have and stop comparing!

7 | Classic Cotton Hat hats are always great but even better when they have the fists of empowerment on them.

8 | Grow A Pair Enamel Pin oookkkk this is probably my favourite item on this gift guide, because how fricken cute?! This is perfect for the feminist in your life that likes to collect pins, or who you noticed maybe owns a jean jacket that this pin would look fantastic on.

9 | Girl Power Flower Rose Shirt this t-shirt is all about girl power, the rose is just extra added cuteness.

I hope this gift guide was able to help you find that special feminist in your life the perfect gift this holiday season. Leave your favourite find in the comment section below!

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