Gift Guide for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S lover!

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Anyone who knows me also knows that I am the biggest F R I E N D S fan, being able to quote almost every line in the entire series. It’s a mega obsession. So who better to guide you when it comes to buying F R I E N D S memorabilia for your friends (see what I did there).

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1 | Friend TV Show Women’s Letter Print T-Shirt you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt, something to wear while you’re out and about doing errands or something that you can wear around the house while you’re lounging.

*here is the t-shirt for men Men’s Casual Crew Neck Printed T-Shirt

2 | Joey Doesn’t Share Food Keychain one of Joey’s most famous lines, my personal favourite to quote when anyone tries to steal my food. This keychain is super cute but also subtle and won’t weigh down your key ring.

*heres another keychain that I absolutely adore FRIENDS PEEPHOLE DOOR FRAME KEY CHAIN

3 | Friends Frame Yellow Peephole Handmade Door Frame As Seen on Monica’s Door if you live in an apartment (or just so happen to have a door with a peephole) then this is perfect! This is something that every F R I E N D S lover will recognize, as it’s seen on the door of Monica’s apartment in almost every single episode.

4 | Friends TV Show ID Badge Key Chain Holder Keychain Clip Set of 2 who doesn’t love a themed lanyard? These F R I E N D S themed lanyards have some of the most recognizable symbols from the series, and comes in a set of two!

5 | Friends: The Complete Series Collection [Blu-ray] [on sale now for black friday] sure the entire series is on Netflix, but that won’t last forever! Buy your loved on the complete series on DVD so that no matter what happens they never have to stop binge watching it. The complete series is on sale now for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

6 | The One with All The Cards Original and Expansion (Original) is your loved one an avid card game lover on top of being a F R I E N D S lover? This will be right up their ally! This game is very similar to the classic Cards Against Humanity, all of the cards included are based on the shows most memorable plots and sayings!

7 | Tv Show Friends pillow Case Chandler Bing “THE CUSHIONS ARE THE ESSENCE OF THE CHAIR!!” Chandler Bing said it best. Whoever thought to put that line onto a pillow is genius, and your loved one will think so too.

8 | Friends tv Show Tempered Glass Phone Case Cover this phone case is super cute and (again) has some of the most recognizable symbols from the series. Even better, it’s a tempered glass case- which is very durable.

9 | Friends Icons Printed Travel Mug you can never have too many travel mugs (or mugs in general) and this one is a F R I E N D S lovers dream. Give the gift of warm coffee/tea with all the famous sayings and icons from the series.

I hope this gift guide was able to help you find that special F R I E N D S lover in your life the perfect gift this holiday season.

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christmas wish list template

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