Coffee Convo’s: Catch-up

Hey everyone ♡!

Welcome to another coffee convo, grab your cuppa & cozy on up with me as we catch up on the latest happenings in my life!

Certified Cupper

This past week I got certified in cupping! For those of you who don’t know, cupping is a connective tissue technique used originally in traditional Chinese medicine- using special cups massage therapist’s can incorporate cupping into a treatment.

It is literally the coolest thing ever, and if you have never had it done I highly suggest that you find a trained professional and give it a try. The relief that it brings is indescribable for such a short treatment at 30 minutes max- if you ever want to know more about cupping please let me know! I’d love to go in depth and do a blog post about it if there’s enough interest. Alternatively you can always find loads of awesome information over on my RMT Instagram account!

Monetizing the Blog

Over the past week or so, I’ve been really thinking about the potential that this little space on the internet has and all that it could be. This pushed me to really commit to being consistent with the blog and getting serious about monetization.

I absolutely love blogging, and I wish that I have been more consistent with it over this past year- but heck this past year was honestly a pretty big and tough one and I will not apologize for that getting in the way. However, now that I’ve been planning out blog posts and not going longer than a week without posting I’ve realized that blogging is actually work (props to anyone who does it full-time) and if it’s work then I deserve to get commissioned right?

On your end (as a reader) nothing will change, the blogs will be the same and look the same. The only thing that will be different is a little disclaimer that will be at the top of every post letting you know that by purchasing any items that I link in the blog post I will earn a small commission at no cost to you!

I’m so excited to go on the monetization journey, hopefully in the future you’ll see a blog post dedicated to all the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

Learning to cook

Here’s something that you may not know about me, I am a horrible cook. I can bake until the sun comes up but ask me to make dinner and we’re all screwed. Being that this year I’ll be turning 23 (yikes, how terrifying) I figured that its really about time that I learn. So we’re starting easy with a brand new crockpot (which we got on sale for $20!) and a whole board of crockpot recipes on Pinterest to try, I have to say I am so excited you guys.

If any of you know any good crockpot recipes, feel free to send them my way!


This year I’m going to be participating in Blogmas, I just haven’t quite decided what thats going to look like; one post daily, three posts weekly, you know what I’m getting at. Last year I attempted to do Blogmas daily and it was a little challenging but given that I have much more experience blogging I think it could potentially be do-able. We’ll see! I have another week to ponder and decide so I’m totally taking it. Are you participating in Blogmas this year?

Now you’re all caught up! Whats been going on lately with you guys? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

As always,


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15 thoughts on “Coffee Convo’s: Catch-up

  1. Congrats on getting certified! I had never heard of cupping before but it sounds interesting!
    Monetization sounds amazing and I think I’ve been putting it off because I’m not sure I can actually do it lol. I also need a self hosted blog so that’s another thing to think about. I will have to think about it lol. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated lol
    I’ve never participated in blogmas, it sounds stressful lol I don’t think I have all the time in the world to do something like that. Maybe once a week kind of thing but that doesnt sound like enough 🤣
    I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and have a great rest of the week/beginning of the month lol

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