Sunday Round-up: The 10 Best Post That I’ve Read This Week

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another Sunday Round-up to share all the blog posts that I’ve been loving this week. There’s some really great posts, written by some amazing bloggers– so please be sure to check them out for yourself!

Sunday Round-up

Six Tips For Smashing Your Sunday

Phoebe Francesca gives some great tips in this article to make your Sunday super productive and even more, the week thats lingering before you.

Roundup: Hand Soap

Sarah from Room for Tuesday wrote a post about the many, many, many hand soaps that she has invested in and I’m totally here for it. It was great seeing the different brands and variety!

Happy Habits: Managing Your Money

Rachel from Oh Happy Day has some amazing tips on managing your money and optimizing those saving accounts! Since I’m trying really hard to save as much money as I can right now (in preparation of buying a house!) this post was amazing to come by.

How to Make Christmas More Eco Friendly

Jenny from Jenny In Neverland wrote a great post with tips on how to have an eco friendly Christmas this year. I loved this because I do everything that I can to help out the environment so her tips definitely helped spark some inspiration.

Copying my Favourite IG Accounts Outfits for a Week

Rae from Breakfast at Rae’s wrote a super cool blog post where she showed us her personal challenge of copying her favourite IG account outfits. I thought it was super cool to see how she made the pieces she already owned, work, and didn’t spend a dime.

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Of course we have to throw a yummy recipe into the mix! Molly from What Molly Made shared a recipe for the most mouth-watering-looking cauliflower mashed potatoes! Check it out and give it a try!

Easy Elegance Wednesdays – Holiday and Decor Tips

Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home wrote a post about holiday decor and shared her tips! Now that we are headed (fast) into the holiday season, I figured this was a good share. It’s decoration time, babes!

A book review- my first pregnancy

Marie from tummy2mummy wrote a great blog posts reviewing a pregnancy educational novel, and I thought the insight was great! Being a first time Mum can be hard enough and then on top of that you have to worry about what books to read? Marie breaks this book down for you!

One Room Challenge- Final Reveal

Sarah from My Westcoast Life participated in the One Room Challenge and y’all know I can not get enough of renovation blogs. Her final bathroom reveal took my breath away, absolutely gorgeous.

Coffee Chat: My skin condition story which can happen to you!

Bonds of Beauty got personal and shared a story about her skin/the condition of her skin! She shares what products she uses, and gives amazing insight and provides education along the way.

I hope you were able to find interest in the blog posts, and possibly even discovered a new favourite blogger!

As always my loves,


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