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It’s true when they tell you that tattoos are one of the most addicting things you can ever do, once you have one you’ll always want more.

This is definitely the case for me, especially of late- I’ve been wanting to fill in my forearm and complete my half sleeve! But before we dive into all the cool ideas I have for future ink, I thought that I’d take you on a tour of all the tattoos that I currently have.

Forearm ink

This one warrants a back story, because this was actually a tattoo that believe it or not I had to have fixed.

It all started on my girlfriends 18th birthday. She wanted her very first tattoo to be on her birthday, the birthday that she would officially be an adult! I went with her and just the thrill of being there, hearing the sound of the tattoo gun and all the hype that follows those things swept me into a tattoo craze. I decided right then and there that I was also getting a tattoo (my very first) and within five minutes had picked out some design off Pinterest that later on I would come to regret.

The artist that did the initial tattooing was an apprentice tattooer (very very new to the profession) and frankly I should have known what I was getting myself into. After the hype of getting a tattoo wore off I took a good look at it and realized that I didn’t want to live with that on my arm for the rest of my life.

Luckily I had a friend who’s boyfriend was a great tattoo artist and was more than willing to fix it up for me. He added to the tattoo and tried to disguise the mess that the first artist created as much as he could. I think he pulled it off, heres the before and after of my finished piece.

Palm Tree Love

The first tropical vacation that I took was to Jamaica. It was the first time that I had ever seen palm trees and I was absolutely mesmerized– I fell in love. I knew that I wanted to get a palm tree tattoo after that, but I never actually went ahead and planned to get it done.

One day I was at school (high school, I was of age y’all!) and call it a manic episode if you will but I had an itch to do something spontaneous. It was a spur of the moment decision but I decided why not go get a tattoo today?

So that’s exactly what I did. And if you know me, you know that’s such a me thing to do. I left school and walked to the tattoo shop because my school was close to our downtown core, luckily I got a really good and experienced tattoo artist so there was zero regret and zero chance I would need to fix it!

Matchy Matchy

On the side of my wrist I have a small but super meaningful tattoo and my girlfriend has the matching one on her wrist. We decided to get these tattoos for our 4 year anniversary, and although its the quickest tattoo I’ve ever gotten its definitely the one with a lasting impression.

The symbol means “create your own reality” and the reason that we chose to go with that specific symbol and meaning is because together we have created a reality that is bigger and better than we’ve ever imagined. We’ve overcome so much, and made it through all the tough times stronger than before and for that we will always have this little spot of ink to remind us.

For the bros

Other than the matching tattoo with my girlfriend, this tattoo is the only one that was planned and that I had been wanting to get for a long time.

Tristan (my gf) knew how much getting it meant to me so she suggested that I just do it at the same time as we got our matching tattoos.

It’s a family compass, and each letter is the initial of one of my brothers names. I love being a big sister, and I love my shit head brothers with all of my being so it was only fitting that I have something on myself forever that represents them.

In the future (hopefully near future) I plan on filling in the rest of my forearm, to go around my very first tattoo. I would love to do different types of flowers, a bumble bee, and honeycomb.

Do you have tattoos? I would love to hear your tattoo story as well as see photos to feature in a collaborative blog post! Email me your story and photos at

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7 thoughts on “Tattoo Tour

  1. Beautitful tattoos, Nicole 💖 your friend really did a great job fixing up your first tattoo & I loved reading the meanings behind the other ones. I wrote a similar post once! If you haven’t put together the collaborative post yet, I can send you the link in an e-mail?

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