Sunday Round-Up: The 10 Best Posts I’ve Read This Week

Hello loves!

I’m back on a Sunday this time, of a new week with 10 new amazing blog posts.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and loving this week!

Sunday Round-up

International Breast Feeding Week

Allia and Alison from asquaredmamasquared made an amazing tribute to breast feeding in honour of this week being international breast feeding week. They shared a little bit about their breast feeding journey and included a photage of all the places they made breast feeding possible!

My July Favourites

Victoria from The Weight of my Worlds shared all the things that she loved in July! From products to video games and clothing! I love Favourites posts and Victoria’s is a great read.

Why Palm Oil is so Bad

Megan from Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle wrote an extremely educational post about palm oil and the effects that it has on our planet. Short, sweet, to the point, and really leaves you thinking about what products under your sink (or in your pantry) contain palm oil.


Natasha from Thoughts with N shared how she navigated the emotions of starting a medication for her mental health. I love that she was brave and opened up, I can personally relate and I’m sure many others will as well.

Witchy Apps Worth the Space and a few to Avoid

Freja from The Blank Coven scoped out a few cool apps that will help guide you through the works of tarot cards, crystals & stones, astrology, plants, and more. Let your spirit journey deepen with these apps!

How to Have a Multi-Niche Blog: Yes, It Is Possible

Jenni from Housewife Hustle wrote about how to get outside of the “niche” box. I related tremendously to this blog post, when I started blogging I didn’t want to feel stuck inside a niche box where writing whatever I wanted didn’t seem to fit.

How to Nail a Flatlay

April from a dose of april has amazing tips on how to nail that perfect flatlay photo for your blog or Instagram! With her tips, you can’t go wrong. She explains them in a way that is extremely easy to follow and breaks it down step by step!

Thrift Shopping in Sun Valley Idaho

Laura from The Better Planet Project showed off some amazing thrift store finds! I personally love thrifting, and I love seeing what other people can score in different countries/towns.

Stationery Favourites

Ashleigh from Ashleigh Writes wrote a blog post featuring her favourite back to school stationery favourites! Everyone loves office/school supplies, am I right?!

Vintage Vision Board

Mia from Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring. . . Life gives you a step by step tutorial on how to make this super cute vintage vision board. Ya’ll know I love me some DIY, so I loved seeing Mia’s unique creation.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Round-Up: The 10 Best Posts I’ve Read This Week

  1. I’ve read Mia’s vision board post and loved it! It inspired me to make one.
    Jenni also writes fantastic posts!
    I know of the effects of palm oil very briefly but it would be nice to read a bit more about it so thanks for including that post on here!

    Liked by 1 person

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