Tips for a successful blog

With one year of blogging under my belt, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way that have helped gain my little spot on the Internet some of the most positive attention.

My readers are some of the most kind and thoughtful people around, and for any of you that follow along with my blog that have the urge to start a blog yourself- this is for you!

These are some things that I’ve learned and that have helped me along my blogging journey, and my hope is that it will help you too. Let’s dive in!

Give credit where it’s due

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to draw inspiration for a post from another bloggers blog post but it’s not okay to steal that idea altogether. Always, always, always, give credit to the source.

This includes the photos that you chose to use on your blog, unless of course they’re your own. This is just out of respect to the creator and besides, why wouldn’t you want to credit/shout-out the amazing person who inspired you?

Pictures are so important

I can’t stress this enough! Nothing is more boring and hard on the eyes then a picture-less long block of text. Use photos or graphics to keep your reader drawn in and interested until the end!

Whether you use pictures from WordPress free photo library, or you source from Pinterest or Google- finding photos that are fitting with the topic you’re blogging about and are aesthetically pleasing has been made super simple by these platforms!

When you use graphics or photos you’re also appealing to the visual reader and learner. Remember that not everyone can fully grasp what you’re trying to get across sometimes without being able to visually see it.

By breaking up your blocks of text with eye pleasing images it gives your reader a bit of a break as well, to absorb and process all the information you’re providing them with.

Picture via WordPress free photo library

Font (no one likes a blog post in all italics)

This one is super important. As an avid blog reader, there is nothing that I can’t stand more than a blog post that is typed in all italics or all bold. Maybe it’s all the years of English class finally leaking out of me, or the fact that it just literally hurts my eyes.

My best advice would be to keep your blog post in a regular font, that way you can really express yourself by using bold and italic on single words or fraises. Not to mention it’s easier on the eyes.

Put some personality in your words

Don’t worry about being professional and all business-like in the way that you write your blog posts. People like to read things that they can relate to, so if you want to swear in your blog posts then fucking do it! Just be yourself and let your personality shine through every word you write.

The great thing about being apart of the blogging community is that no one is ever being judged. The community is so inclusive, no matter how many views you have or what you blog about. So don’t be afraid to be you.

Picture via WordPress free photo library

Is length important?

Is the length of my blog post important? I’m gonna have to go with no. Some of my shortest blog posts in length have higher views then my lengthier 800+ word blog posts.

If what you’re writing is quality content that people can relate to then the length of your post doesn’t matter! Sometimes it’s easier as a beginner blogger to start off with shorter posts, that way you can post more frequently and get yourself out there- which is a great Segway to my final tip.

Promote yourself!

No one will have the opportunity to read your blog posts if they don’t know that they exist!Taking your posts to Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest is super important for exposure.

Twitter is one of my favourites for inclusive threads that get your views up by sharing the link to your most recent post with other bloggers! It’s also a great platform to network on, I’ve met and discovered some amazing blogs and bloggers.

Find what works for you- you may find that Pinterest is more beneficial to your blog then Twitter or Instagram is and vice versa. You don’t always have to have every single social media platform known to the social scene but it isn’t beneficial unless you’re getting the exposure you want.

There you have it, my tips and tricks for all you creative souls yearning to start a blog of your own. I hope this guides you and helps you along the blogging journey you’re about to endure.

For those of you who are established bloggers, I hope you were able to take away a little something from this post as well.

If you have any blogging tips and tricks, leave them down in the comment section below! I’d love to hear it.

As always,

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8 thoughts on “Tips for a successful blog

  1. Congrats on a year of blogging! These tips are very helpful actually – I’ve always tried to make my posts at least 700/800 words but knowing that’s not important is great! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, love!
      I’m glad that you found my tips helpful. I totally don’t believe in your posts having to be a certain length so I’m glad this gave you reassurance of that!


  2. I love this Nicole!! You have some really great tips here. I completely agree about using pictures throughout, and apparently WordPress has a free photo library?! How have I missed that this whole time?
    I love love love the community. You’re right, people like reading what they can relate to, and they like reading blogs with personality!! I don’t think many people enjoy reading blogs that are only ever written in a super professional voice. The appeal of blogging has a lot to do with communication from the writer, and personality helps make that connection. It makes it feel real. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Courtney, I was originally nervous to post this thinking that many people would actually disagree with my tips so it’s refreshing that you found yourself resonating with them.
      Wordpress does have a free photo library, it is ah-maaaaa-zing! I use it constantly.
      It’s because of blogging that I get to know such genuine, down to earth people like yourself!
      You’re the best!


  3. Yay for reaching a year of blogging! 🌿 All of these points are spot on!

    Something I’ve noticed is to pay attention where most traffic populates on your social media platforms — utilising the most popular have given some great results and heartfelt feedback 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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