Butcher Block Countertops + Open Shelving

Most of my time on Pinterest is spent browsing through gorgeous home layouts and rooms done up in perfect style, in an attempt to hopefully make my mind up about what I want in my forever home (one day).

When it comes to the kitchen space- I think I got it pretty well figured out. I always visualize myself living in a space thats very boho, hygge, cozy, bright, with positive vibes and I think these design aspects do exactly that.

butcher block Countertops

Much like every good thing in my life, my girlfriend introduced me to butcher block countertops and needless to say I’m obsessed and have my heart set on having them in our forever home.

Whether it’s a dark stain or a light stain, wood always brings a sense of warmth into a room. It’s also super versatile in terms of what colours it pairs well with- dark, bright, bold, neutral.

Another awesome thing about butcher block countertops (for all you savvy DIYers) is that you can totally do it yourself! The benefits of DIYing your own countertop is being able to pick out the exact wood you want and customizing it to your liking. Picking the stain, the cut, the texture and finish, not to mention saving a few bucks while you’re at it!

If you’re like myself and would rather leave the renovating to the professionals, there are tons of stores that offer butcher block countertops that are already ready to go and they can even install them for you. Some of my favourite countertops are from Ikea- KARLBY and HAMMARP.

The upkeep for butcher block countertops might seem daunting, but according to Ikea it’s really simple! All you have to do to ensure your countertop stays beautiful and sheen is apply a wood treatment oil monthly which will protect your countertop as it ages.

Open Shelves

Open shelving in the kitchen is becoming a very popular trend- and while it seems kind of out there (I mean everyone will be able to actually see what’s usually hidden in your cabinets) it’s a trend I’m totally on board with!

By incorporating open shelving in your kitchen you create a different and unique focal point that normally you wouldn’t have by keeping traditional cabinets. It also adds a rustic feel to the space, which is something that I absolutely love to incorporate in a room.

Pairing your shelving with the same style and colour of wood on your countertops brings everything together in a perfect flow. Add some plants and a little pop of colour and voila!

Open shelves are another DIY project that you could tackle, or you can check out some really cute ones that I’ve previously mentioned in my popular home decor post!

What do you think of butcher block countertops and open shelving?! Let me know in the comment section below!

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Disclaimer: all photos were sourced from Pinterest.

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Kitchen Inspo: Wood Countertops + Open Shelving!

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