February Favourites

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The last time that I updated what I’m currently obsessed with to share with all of y’all was in August, and let me tell you there’s been a few new thing’s added into my life that I can’t go without since then. So, without further ado lets jump right in!

On the Telly

Workin’ Moms

This sitcom/drama is everything. It’s based in Toronto, and if you read my last current obsession post you’ll remember me talking about Kim’s Convenience– this show has the same feel and I can’t get enough of it. This show follows three working Mom’s (one of which is a lesbian, so duh naturally that kept me watching) and their journey navigating the working world coming back from maternity leave. Each women is so different from one another in terms of what they do for a living, but they’re best friends regardless. Lot’s of laughs, and at times will keep you on the edge of your seat! You can find new episodes of Workin’ Moms on CBC Thursdays 9/9:30pm EST, on Netflix (Canada) or the CBC Gem app.

Desperate House Wives

This ones an oldie, but it’s my first time watching it. My girlfriend put it on a few days ago and I became so intrigued with these crazy housewives and their hectic lives that I couldn’t stop watching. The first season is filled with so many mysteries, and honestly reminds me of Pretty Little Liars, but my girlfriend has assured me that it becomes more of a comedy/drama in the coming seasons and less of a mystery. If you’re looking for a show to binge, this is the one, the first season has 24 episodes alone! Netflix was streaming this series for a while, but as of late I haven’t been able to find it, luckily my girlfriend owns the DVD’s!

You can purchase the complete first season on DVD for $21.99CAD (regularly $23.99) HERE

Kim’s Convenience

They’re back with season 3! If you want to read more about this show, I covered it in detail in my last obsessions post. I’m not sure when/if they are going to be releasing the third season to Netflix, but you can stream it via the CBC Gem app, or find new episodes on CBC Tuesdays at 8pm EST.

Teen Mom 2

MTV’S Teen Mom 2 is back! I talked about Teen Mom 2 waaaay back in July’s obsessions post. With the rotation between Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG, it hasn’t been on for a while and for some reason, I totally skipped the entire newest season of Teen Mom OG– and I don’t even have an interest to watch it. Does anyone else favour the Teen Mom 2 series over the OG’s, or is it just me? So much is happening in this season ya’ll! Chelsea is pregnant, it’s being brought to light how violent David is, Kail is reconnecting with her long lost family, Brianna gets a new man, and Leah is dealing with Ali’s disability. How are they gonna fit all that into one season?! You can find new episodes of Teen Mom 2 on MTV Monday’s 9pm EST, or on MTV.ca!


Over the past month I’ve come across so many inspiring and educational podcasts. Having a career in the health care industry surrounds me by other amazing people who have an undying passion to educate others about their bodies. Since I’m in the realm of everything that has to do with women’s health, the podcasts that I’ve discovered are geared to that specifically!

I’ve also followed a couple podcasts that are going to help me get in touch with my soul, and help to raise my vibration and connect with the spiritual realm on a deeper level. That is one of the goals this year and the podcasts are a huge third eye opener.

The Heavy Flow Podcast

The Heavy Flow Podcast by Amanda Laird is life changing for those of us who bleed monthly. She’s on a mission to break the “curse” and taboo of menstruation, and is also a Holistic Nutritionist. She talks all things menstruation but she also talks about other topics that hold stigma’s in our society today including LGBTQIA+ topics (which makes my heart so happy!). You can find Amanda’s podcast through Apple Podcasts or her Instagram!

The Well Women Podcast

The Well Women Podcast is a brand new podcast and is run by an amazing women who just so happens to be local to me! Dr. Laura Pipher is a naturopathic doctor and has made it her mission to create a well women tribe, educating as many women as she can about their bodies with a heavy emphasis on gut health and hormones! You can also find her podcast through Apple Podcasts or her Instagram

Manifest This 

Manifest This is a podcast by the lovely Akasha record reader Ashley Wood. Her podcast is all about spirituality and learning to look inside yourself on a deeper level then you’ve ever experienced. Ashley’s podcast is meant to support you on your journey of spirituality and though I’ve only caught a few episodes, it is truly magical. If you want to know more about her podcast, click here. You can find her podcast through Apple Podcasts, and also through her Instagram!

Now Reading

I am now officially on the fifth book in the Outlander series, The Fiery Cross. I received the fifth instalment to the series as a birthday gift from my amazing girlfriend, who knows how much of a book worm I am. The reviews on this book that I’ve read on Goodreads claimed that this book wasn’t the best, but so far I’ve been sucked right back into the story line and I feel as though it’s taken off at a good pace.

Since Valentines Day is coming up shortly, Chapters/Coles wants to give all my followers 15% off your next purchase! You can grab this deal by clicking HERE and using code ADORER15 at checkout! Only valid until February 11th, 2019.



I’m still obsessed with this family vlogging channel (also talked about in my last obsessions post). I think that they’re the channel that I’m most commonly watching, but because they vlog every single day as well as upload every single day there is always content for me to catch up (or binge watch, lets be real here). To check out their channel click here!

David Dobrik

David Dobrik and his vlog squad honestly remind me of the Jackass movies. Every single one of his videos is exactly 4 minutes and 21 seconds long, weirdly awesome, right? Him and his friends are constantly pulling stunts, playing pranks on each other, and just doing some down right crazy shit- purely for our entertainment. To check out his channel click here!


The app that I’ve been most consistently using lately is the Square App. I have a whole blog post dedicated to the Square Reader that goes super in-depth in terms of how it works, how much it costs, and what its all about- if you want to know more about Square check out that post HERE. Square has made my business and taking payments such a breeze. Recently I discovered that they also have a booking system, and you bet ya girl signed up for it as soon as I knew it existed! It has made my life ten times easier, stay tuned for an upcoming post giving you all the deets on Square Appointments!

photo by square reader


Last but not least, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and new blog posts to read! Here’s some bloggers I’ve followed recently and some posts I’ve been lovinnnn!


  • A B B Y A B L O O M abby opens up about her PCOS diagnosis and hopes to help others through holistic healing- alllll the good things that I support
  • VIEWS of a millennial I absolutely adore this blog, its definitely got a lifestyle vibe going on and I can totally relate to many of the opinions and thoughts of the millennial behind this blog
  • The Tiny Healer angela blogs about lifestyle and health and wellness. she is such a sweet soul and her blog posts are very insightful and guiding

Blog Posts

That brings us to the end of this post, and all things that I’m currently obsessed with. Let me know if you are obsessed with any of the things in this blog post and we can obsess about it together!

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13 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, this was so interesting to read!! Love that you’re reading the 5th outlander book, I’ve only read the first one and I watch the series which I bloody love, so I really need to continue reading the rest in the series!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh you’ve inspired me to add “Outlander” to my Goodreads list!! I haven’t read any of the books in the series yet, but I definitely want to now.
    Also, I love that you shared about other bloggers and posts you’ve loved. I’m always looking for new bloggers too so I can’t wait to read those. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading Courtney! I always look forward to reading your feedback! Definitely get into the outlanders book series, but be warned you’re in for a long haul! There’s 9 or 10 books in the series I believe!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh! Desperate Housewives is the best. ♡ I’m so jealous your gf has all the seasons on DVD. I totally remember you mentioning Kim’s Convenience, need to watch that– looks hilarious!

    Thank you for sharing, Nicole!

    Liked by 1 person

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