The Mom behind Millennial Mom Confessions

Welcome back to the Boss Babe Interview series! I’m so thrilled to be diving back into this series, and having the privilege of interviewing powerhouse women. Women empower women, and that’s always been the essence of this series, but it’s also life changing that I have the honour of getting to know these amazing women and introduce them to you!

I am beyond excited to introduce the Mom behind the blog Millennial Mom Confessions, Dana Moss.

Dana is based in the sunny state of Florida, with her husband and their two fur babies, and most recently, their new human!

We are, originally, parents to two fur-children, Zeus and Atlas. We recently added a human child to our family in November, so we are busy navigating the craziness of parenthood. 

While figuring out the craziness of parenthood, Dana truly took her passion for writing and turned it into a full time gig. Balancing motherhood and working from home can be a real challenge, but Dana has a fire within her that is so contagious and evident in her words.

I ALWAYS loved writing and it has been a huge passion of mine, but never really considered turning it into a job. It wasn’t until my son was born, did I finally have the courage to get super serious about writing, and put my blood, sweat and tears into my blog. I love the idea of being my own boss and running my blog, allows me to be just that! 

Her son not only gave her the fuel she needed to turn blogging into her full time gig, but he is also responsible for the inspiration she finds daily to incorporate into her writing.

As my blog is centered around being a mother, my son is responsible for the inspiration. 

Being a full time stay at home new Mom isn’t an easy task, and on top of that Dana is a full time blogging babe, how does she make it work? Juggling the two and taking on both rolls of Mom and boss are both demanding in themselves.

Truthfully, it’s not an easy task. Balancing the blog and being a working mom is no easy feat! It takes a lot of patience, determination and compromise with my husband, who owns his own law firm. Fortunately, our little dude is an extremely easy baby, so he allows me to get a lot of work done (when he isn’t pooping or eating, of course)! 

Dana’s blog is the go-to spot when it comes to navigating motherhood, and I had to know what her key to success is- she was more than happy to share her wisdom.

PERSISTENCE. PERSISTENCE. PERSISTENCE. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a blog. I always loved the saying, “if you throw enough shit against the wall, something’s gotta stick” and that could not be more appropriate in this instance. You must have persistence and remain focused, in order to see success. Whatever your path is, stick to it. Remain persistent and you are bound to see positive results!

Every girl needs a girl gang to hype them up and push them to be their best self. The way I do this is by writing series like these, but I was curious how Dana establishes connections with her followers and fellow boss babes, here’s how she does it!

 Engagement is one of the biggest ways in which I establish connections. One of my biggest pet peeves, is when social media accounts, whether it be Twitter or Instagram, get so large, that they forget about the “little people”. In reality, it was those “little people”, that got them where they are today. It shouldn’t matter how big your account gets–just be a normal person. 

When it comes to tips about blogging, Dana is a wealth of information. She has learned a specific trait that helps to drive traffic to your blog, and it’s the one thing we are all afraid of- being annoying.

 BE. ANNOYING. Get your content out there, no matter what it takes! Ask people to read your content and accept criticism! That is only way we can grow. 

Staying on top of everything can seem daunting, even to me and I don’t have a baby who is dependent on me every second of the day. Dana is a powerhouse, but what does she do to stay motivated?

Oh boy, motivation. I won’t lie–with a six-week-old, staying motivated isn’t always easy. Staying true to my “why”, really keeps me on track. My goal is to be able to show my children, that they can be successful, no matter what. 

With a schedule as full as Dana’s I wanted to know, what does a typical day look like in the life of a full time stay at home Mom and boss babe?

Wake up, eat, pump, sleep, repeat. LOL but seriously, I do pump a zillion times a day, but throw in some tummy time, reading, and singing with the little man. 

What does the future look like for Millennial Mom Confessions?

Looking to the future is sometimes super overwhelming, but I can only hope for success in the future for the blog. I hope to continue making people laugh, and providing relatable content to my readers. 

Parting Words…

Just be yourself. No one wants to read content from someone who is trying way too hard. Just be you and people will FLOCK to read your stuff!

Dana, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to have this interview. It was a pleasure getting an inside look on your life and your thoughts.

Make sure you check out Dana’s blog Millennial Mom Confessions, and follow her on Twitter!

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