Top items for when you’re Under the Weather

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It’s official, I’m contagious. This cold is seriously kicking my ass you guys, so today I went to a walk-in clinic where I spent 4 hours waiting to be seen by a doctor. It’s seriously that time of year that everyone is coming down with some type of bug, so it was really busy.

The doctor suggested that I take the rest of the week off of work, due to the nature of my job I can’t work while I’m sick and certainly not if I’m contagious. So, I’m settling in for a solid couple of recovery days and because it’s the season of the common cold I thought I’d share the items that make feeling so sick a little more bearable.


Whenever I have a sore throat, Halls are a huge relief. The best way to describe a Hall is to compare it to cough syrup, the effects are similar only they don’t taste terrible like most cough syrups! They’re meant to be left in your mouth to dissolve over time, that way you’ll get the full lasting effects. My favourite flavour is the Cherry flavour!

Kleenex with Aloe Vera

When I’m sick I am constantly wiping or blowing my nose, and with regular tissue I find it makes my nose super raw and dry over time. My girlfriend always goes out and buys me (what I call) the special Kleenex that’s made with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E so they’re nice and soft and don’t hurt my wee little nose.


This is mainly because when I feel so terrible the last thing I want to do is eat. Gatorade is full of sugar and the essential electrolytes that your body gets depleted of during a cold. It helps to maintain my blood sugar so I’m not crashing and my body can actually fight this cold.

Cold & Sinus Medication

This is a must. I always get the tablets that come with a daytime and nighttime formula- so I can feel somewhat alert during the day but actually rest when I’m asleep. I usually get the Tylenol version but this time I got Buckley’s and I don’t know if it’s the medication or just this damn cold but I’ve found the past two nights I’ve woken up around 1am feeling like death.

Peppermint Essential Oils

This Christmas my girlfriend gifted me a beautiful essential oil diffuser and I’ve been using it non-stop ever since. When I got sick I started using my peppermint oil because it is amazing for clearing out those sinus’! It’s very concentrated so I only ever need a few drops at a time but it really seems to help me be able to breathe.

Vitamin C

In the form of chewables or a really cool drink called Emergan-C. This is me trying to apologize to my immune system for not taking my vitamins like I should have been all along, I give my body lots of Vitamin C when I’m sick to help it win the fight.


When I’m sick I make sure to give my body all the rest it needs, I sleep in and I take it easy usually lounging around all day. I try to go to bed earlier but sometimes I get occupied (reading blogs) and that doesn’t always happen- so I give myself the option to nap throughout the day.

If you’re feeling under the weather like I am, I hope that you find some comfort in these items as well. Get some rest and feel better!

For those of you who are in perfect health, keep this blog post in your back pocket juuuust in case.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know how you’re liking the more “chatty” type posts that are involving more of my personal life!

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12 thoughts on “Top items for when you’re Under the Weather

  1. I hear ya on this! I’ve been sick since Christmas. The walk-in said it’s a respiratory virus. It’s miserable, and I’ve been drinking Emergan-C everyday. It’s become vital like my coffee. Hope you feel better!

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