Modern Gift Wrapping 101

Blogmas Day 10

This year I’m doing things differently. Usually I’m the type to use a gift bag for the presents that I give to my loved ones, but this year I’m going to take the time to wrap and individualize the gifts that I give. It feels more thoughtful when items come wrapped, probably because more time and thought was invested into the process. Plus its just so aesthetically pleasing. 

Holiday wrapping paper that is neutral colours, paired with Christmas inspired accents, and elements of nature is the new rave this season and I’m totally on board. As always I took to Pinterest for inspiration and found tons of unique ideas to personalize your gifts! 

This Blogmas post will walk you through what you’ll need for wrapping the perfect gift with adorable personal touches. Enjoy!

Gift Wrap

Using neutral paper is so versatile because you can do so much with it. You can accent it (and because its so neutral it makes the accents pop), you can draw on it, you can stamp on it, put stickers on it, glue photos on it, the options are endless when you have a creative mind! 

Brown Craft Paper

Solid White Gift Wrap 

Assorted Neutrals


No paper package is complete until it’s tied with a string (or ribbon)! There’s something so rustic looking about string/twine and I think it looks amazing paired with brown craft paper/parcel paper and neutral colours. I’m still a sucker for pretty ribbons though and I love the ribbons that have patterns and sparkle accents, although that deep red colour is gorgeous. 

Red & White Twine

Natural/Neutral Twine

Rose Gold Sparkle Ribbon

Black Organza Ribbon


Little Christmas accents won’t just make your gifts pop, but it’ll add a personal touch. I think that the best place to get things to accent your wrapping is your local Dollar store, they always usually have an abundance of fake foliage and a selection of other little Christmas knickknacks that are super cheap! Here’s some accents that I found online, incase you are boycotting the busy stores this season!

Artificial Pine Branches 

Artificial Juniper Sprays with Berries

Gold Bells

Pine Cones


Adding name tags and/or cute cut-outs with festive phrases is always a nice touch. After all, how will you know who the gift is for?! To find all the cutest Christmas tags and cut-outs, once again (you guessed it) I take to Pinterest! There are a TON of free printable Christmas cut-outs and all the name tags you could ever need, plus themed name tags- I found some that had Home Alone sayings on them! 

To find more free printable’s click here!


Another great thing about using neutral wrapping paper is the fact that it’s a blank canvas and you can easily customize it by using a stamp or marker! You can find an array of markers at your local Dollar store or craft store as well as different styles of stamps! You can even make your own stamp by cutting the pattern you want out of a potato and then just buying an ink pad! 

for example 

I hope that this post was helpful and inspired you to step up your Christmas wrapping game this year. Personal touches make the world of a difference! 

Let me know how you’re wrapping your presents this year!

As always,

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9 thoughts on “Modern Gift Wrapping 101

  1. A potato stamp?! Hahha how fun! Though I think just buying different ones would be a bit easier for an un-artistic person like myself. 😛 Great ideas, Nicole! I agree that wrapping is just so much better than bags!

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