The Best Festive Candles

Blogmas Day 9

Hello all my holly jolly Christmas lovers!

I’m back after a two day Blogmas hiatus, did you miss me? When I first announced that I was participating in Blogmas, I told you guys that I would do my best to post every single day starting December 1st until Christmas. Don’t worry, I didn’t run out of blog post ideas, I just got super busy!

On Friday (day 7) I had a full day of work, and me being me (not having my Blogmas posts pre-written and already scheduled) I got home and was way too exhausted to write-up a post. Then came Saturday (day 8) and I had a full morning at work followed by an amazing afternoon/evening spent with my girlfriend. I wanted to soak up the time that we had together so again I didn’t put my energy into writing a post.

Nevertheless, I’m back and things are in full Blogmas swing! I’m hoping to buckle down today and pre-write/schedule some posts so that I don’t disappear on you guys again. I hope you enjoy todays post! Let’s dive in. 

I love a good candle all year round, but I absolutely love when companies bring out their Christmas scents.

Now don’t get me wrong- I’m not into every single Christmas scent that’s out there, but I know that there will be a lot of different preferences among my readers. So I’m putting my scent bias aside a little bit in order to give you the full spectrum of this companies amazing Christmas collection!

Cork & Bottle Candle Co

Cork & Bottle Candle Co is a one of my favourite local companies, that allows you to enjoy the amazing scent and hygge vibes of burning a candle but in a completely safe and health benefiting way. Certain candles may emit chemicals that are potentially dangerous, especially with prolonged use and over exposure, there has been multiple studies conducted where they found that the scents added to the candles were actually the most hazardous to your health. Why not just avoid the risk and buy a product that you know for sure is natural and won’t compromise your health!?

Cork & Bottle Candle Co is the cutest company owned and operated by the kindest couple! It’s local to me, based in Alliston Ontario and ya’ll know how much I looove supporting local! To make their candles 100% natural and safe for you to use every single day, they use a soy wax and mix it with pure natural essential oils for the most amazing scents. I could get into the many, many benefits that incorporating essentials oils into your life would bring but thats a whole other topic that deserves its own blog post. 

Another thing that I absolutely love about this company (among the umpteen other dozen things) is that they up-cycle and hand pour their candles into reused wine bottles! And how cute is it that reusing wine bottles completely ties into their company name- Cork & Bottle- just like a bottle of wine.

Christmas Scents 

Besides the aesthetically pleasing factor of these candles, and the fact that they’re all natural- they have a killer Christmas line-up! The candles can be purchased in 8OZ ($20CA) or 12OZ ($25CA).

Available Online 

Fresh Mint (made with peppermint, spearmint, bergamot essential oils)

Alpine Breeze (made with eucalyptus, bergamot, pine, cedarwood essential oils)

Cinnamon Stick (made with cinnamon essential oil)

Find a Retailer 

If you’re local to Southern Ontario, you can find Cork & Bottle Co Candles at certain retailers! Individual retailers carry different scents, my place of work just so happens to be a retailer and we have amazing Christmas scents such as Tree Farm, Mulled Cider, and Birch Bark! To find a retailer click here and then find the “retailers” tab!

Go show Cork & Bottle Candle Co some love this holiday season! They make the perfect gift, being all natural (hand made!!) in recycled bottles with long burning times! What’s not to love? 

Let me know if you want to see a future blog post detailing the health benefits of essential oils!

What’s your favourite Christmas scent? Drop it in the comment section below!

As always,

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