Blogmas Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Blogmas Day 6

We’re six days into Blogmas and I’ve been over joyed to see how many bloggers are participating this year. Have any of you run out of steam yet or have started to run into a bit of writers block? If you have, don’t be ashamed or be down on yourself- I feel ya.

Going from a casual blogger to something like Blogmas and having to commit to posting every single day is honestly as exhausting as it is rewarding. Major shoutout to the bloggers who post daily 365 days a year, you are seriously rockstars and I don’t know how you do it!

As those of you know I have fully made the tradition from Beauty Blog to Lifestyle Blog- and sometimes it’s hard to find ideas for blog posts that don’t revolve around beauty, food, or travel. For my fellow lifestyle bloggers who feel my pain, this is for you!

This is the list of Blogmas post ideas that I’m currently working off of and I felt compelled to share them, because sharing is caring. Especially in the blogger world.

25 Blogmas Ideas

1. Blogmas announcement post

2. How you get into the Christmas spirit

3. Top 5 Christmas movies

4. Christmas wishlist

5. Christmas market post

6. Show off your Christmas tree

7. Stocking filler gift guide

8. Shop locally this Christmas

9. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

10. Christmas eve traditions

11. Christmas decor inspiration

12. Amazing/unusual advent calendars

13. Local Christmas events

14. Christmas pyjamas and slippers

15. Share your favourite blogmas posts by other bloggers

16. Christmas tag

17. Essentials for the winter

18. Your favorite hot chocolate

19. My Favourite Festive Candles/Candle Fragrances

20. If Money Were No Object, This is What My Dream Christmas Would Look Like

21. My Dream Christmas Getaway

22. Christmas Nail inspo

23. Christmas hamper suggestions for a new mum

24. Blog post ideas

25. What you got for Christmas

I hope that this list has brought some inspiration to you and you can use one or more of the ideas to write some amazing Blogmas posts and send them my way!

I think the sense of community that Blogmas creates is such a wonderful thing, and I love that we’re all sharing ideas and hyping up each others posts. Let’s keep that spirit going!

Do you have any more Blogmas ideas to add to this list? Leave it in the comment sections below!

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