Christmas DIY Decor Inspiration

Blogmas Day 3

I’m the type of person who decorates for the next season as soon as one ends, it’s a constant never ending cycle of seasonal decor and I love it!

Around Christmas time I do a ton of my decorating by buying bits and bobs from the dollar store and DIYing. It saves some money (which we all can appreciate around this time of year) and I really enjoy being all artsy and crafty then being able to brag to family and friends that yes I did make it myself.

Pinterest is my go-to to find inspiration for my decor, so I pulled together my favourite finds for this year and am so excited to be sharing them with you guys.

I looove decorating the stair case banister for Christmas. There are tons of options from ribbon to garland to lights and ornaments! It’s something small and that won’t break the bank but will make your home feel super festive!

Pine cones are another simple little thing that make it feel cozy and festive. You can use them as accents in center pieces or put them into a vase with some lights for the perfect hygge feel. You can typically find a bag of pine cones made for decor at your local dollar store!

Pinterest is a great way to find some awesome (free) Christmas printables! I think they look super adorable placed around the home or on a bed side table. You could even put some up on a wall and then replace them seasonally. If you want to find some festive printables just open your Pinterest app and search “free Christmas printables”, print them out and pop them into a dollar store frame- easy peasy and $$$ saving.

Turn your coffee bar into a hot cocoa bar! There’s something about hot chocolate and the holiday season that just goes hand in hand. Break out your festive cups, candy canes, and anything green or red.

Garland is a fun little project that you can take an afternoon out of your busy schedule to make. I love the festive patterns/cut-outs that you can find on Pinterest and all you need to make your own is some felt, glue, a pattern, scissors and some string. All which can be found at your local dollar store!

I hope this peak into my favourite DIY finds for Christmas decor has inspired at least one person to get into this seasons vibes and decorate their space!

I would love to see your Christmas decor and decorations, make sure to tag me in your Instagram posts! (@nicolesniches)

What was your favourite DIY featured in the post?! Let me know in the comment section below!

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9 thoughts on “Christmas DIY Decor Inspiration

  1. I love DIY ideas for Christmas, they can be so cute and festive! Pinterest is so good for ideas and inspiration! Thank you for sharing your ideas! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are fantastic ideas!! I love the idea of free Printables on Pinterest. I’ve never tried that, but it’s a brilliant idea for money-saving cute decorations! I always like the little festive phrases but just can’t manage $25 for sometime I only take out once a year lol. I’m definitely doing this!
    Also, the idea of a hot cocoa bar is absolutely fantastic. I want to do this for sure! We drink hot cocoa religiously during the holidays, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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