Bucket List- Terrence Donnelly Centre

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a bucket list post, and this time I’m keeping it a little closer to home. I feel so fortunate to be able to live an hour away from one of the greatest cities in Canada, T O R O N T O.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Canadian cities, Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is home to just over 2.8 million. The City of Toronto was officially incorporated on March 6, in 1834. 

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There are so many places in the big T.O that capture my attention, and I could probably spend hours upon days exploring the city. Some of the architecture that the city holds dates back to the late 1800- early 1900’s and as you can imagine, they are some of the most spectacular and beautiful buildings. Of course I’ve seen the places that all tourist should make a point of seeing: the CN tower, Nathan Phillips Square, the Parliament buildings, Kensington Market (best in the summer time!), the Distillery District, and trust me when I tell you that these are all Instagram worthy spots!

Speaking of Instagram and Instagram worthy spots, that’s where I discovered the gem that I want to talk to you guys about today, the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Bimolecular Research. It’s one of the many post secondary schools in Toronto but it has a campus unlike anything that I’ve ever seen. It truly brings architecture and nature together, and symbolizes (to me) how we all should be one with nature.

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It’s lit(erature)

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I think the part that fascinates me the most about this University is that actual Scientists are being made here. Having a career in the health and wellness field allows me to appreciate the research that they’re doing just a little bit more than I would had I not already been very passionate about biology. Their ultimate goal is to use genomics (the branch of molecular biology concerned with the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of an organism’s complete set of DNA) to better understand health and disease and its impact on the human body. 

Terrence Donnelly Centre is a state of the art interdisciplinary research institute that allows scientists at all stages of their careers to interact in stunning open-concept space, to think about the next big questions and to invent new methods to tackle them.


Who wouldn’t want to study molecular biology with a view like that? I know that I’d never skip a class! 

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13th floor

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A little History Lesson..

The Donnelly Centre and science have grown together. The vision for the centre started with two incredible Toronto Professors  James Friesen and Cecil Yip, in the year of 1990 when science hadn’t yet taken the leaps it has today in terms of stem-cell research, and looking into diseases that are specific to our DNA. James and Cecil foresaw what the future held for the development of research in those departments, and knew that experts from different fields of science needed a place to come together so that they could work together towards solving the next big questions in human biology. The centre officially opened in 2005!

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urban vegetation revelation 🤗

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The architecture of the building is part of the science. The open concept labs and social space give our scientists an ideal place where they can interact, collaborate and share ideas.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto © 2018 University of Toronto

If you want to learn more about who the building is named after, click here!

If the pictures you’ve seen of the Donnelly Centre haven’t explained why I must see this gorgeous building, then click here to see some more amazing Instagram shots

Do you guys have any places in Toronto that are on your bucket list? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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