Fall Home Decor Inspiration

Happy Autumn season everyone! Bringing in the Fall equinox has lifted my spirits and swept in a breath of fresh air- which is exactly what I needed.

I’ve truly come into my element with fall being my favourite season. I’m so excited for the leaves to start changing, the air to become crisp and chilly, the pumpkins, but most of all the home decor that is inspired by this gorgeous season.

When it comes to home decor I often show zero restraint, I just want it all. Especially when I visit my local Marshall’s, there’s always tons of variety and cute yet simple pieces that add just the right fall vibe (and lets not forget Marshall’s is really cheap!)

here’s what I’m diggin’ for fall decor…

How comfy do these blankets look?! I would never get out of bed honestly. There’s something about fall and big thick knits that just go together and I take full advantage of it!

Mason jars can be utilized in every season which is something that I love about them- they’re a truly versatile decor item, depending on how they’re decorated/finished. I love the fall touches that you can add to mason jars which you can place just about anywhere!

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of making your own gorgeous home decor pieces, especially when your friends are cooing “this is soooo nice where did you get it?”

I feel as though having your fall decor on display before guests even walk into your home sets the tone and just pulls the whole place together (it’s about the little details, don’t forget). Not to mention the Instagram possibilities?!

I love chalkboard signs/decor because they’re also super versatile. Change of the season, change the chalkboard. Now, my calligraphy skills are zero to none but with Pinterest demos and YouTube tutorials I feel as though I could get it to look as close as the pretty sample pictures as possible. After all, practice makes perfect!

Would this even be a fall decor post if I didn’t include mugs? I don’t think so. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on those crisp cold mornings/days is a must so why not drink it in an adorable mug that reflects the best season everrrrr. Here’s a fun fact about myself- I am utterly obsessed with cute mugs, I have over 10 mugs that are just mine and I’ve had to limit adding to my collection (oops lol)

I hope this look book for fall decor has inspired at least one person to get into this seasons vibes and decorate their space!

I would love to see your fall decor, make sure to tag me in your Instagram posts! (@nicolesniches)

What was your favourite fall decor item?! Let me know in the comment section below!

As always,

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6 thoughts on “Fall Home Decor Inspiration

  1. Fall is definitely my season and I love allll the decor you mentioned. It’s so hard for me to exercise any restraint when the fall home decor comes out lol. Those welcome mats are freaking adorable! I also adore those mugs. Fall is all about the warm beverages so of course we need the themed mugs too! I’m just living for this season. 🙂

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