Goodbye Retail

It’s official!!!!! Today was my last day (ever!!!) that I had to work a retail job. Let me tell you- leaving my awesome co-workers was bitter, but moving onto the next chapter of my life and entering my career is sweeeeet.

Working retail is always something that I wasn’t fond of whatsoever- the only thing that I liked about it was the discount (duh) but it really is true when they say it’s the people you work with not the place.

This retail job- working at the shoe store, was the best retail gig I’ve ever had. I met some amazing people who made my day when I walked into work- one manager in particular that always brought us donuts and subs and special treats to help ourselves to- her way of saying thank you and a huge pick me up.

My co-workers and I were always cracking jokes, having a good time and work was genuinely a really great atmosphere.

I won’t lie and say that it was all amazing all the time there’s some things that customers would do that realllllly exercised my patience. Instead of telling you “these are situations I can’t stand” I’m gonna tell you how those situations taught me what I want to be as a customer.

1. Neat

Being the one first hand to clean up messes left behind by customers, I always want to be neat and tidy. I always put things back where I found them and how I found them.

2. Time friendly

What I mean by this is being respectful of the store hours! I will now never go into a store ten minutes before its closing- and I will never ever stay in a store after it does close (a little secret, associates aren’t allowed to tell people the store is close & to kindly make their way out)

3. Polite

For the sake of the universe, if you’re in a bad mood don’t come to a retail store and take it out on the employees. Don’t put those bad vibes onto the poor associates who are just tryna do their job. I will always be polite to retail employees, and everyone I come across in life, in general.

Those are just some life rules I now live by.

Other than that I can say that it feels really good not having to rely on part time wages anymore, that I definitely won’t miss.

On to the next chapter!

Do you work retail? Let me know what “rules” you live by because of it in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Goodbye Retail

  1. I worked retail for a long time lol maybe 5 or 6 years I think. It was absolutely ridiculous. I guess it’s oerfect for young people who want extra money for somewhat tolerable work but my goodness was it hard at times lol. The only thing that saved me was I had awesome people to work with. Good luck on the next chapter of your life!

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  2. Congrats girl!! How exciting! Also, what a great perspective to have. Good for you with taking your experiences and applying them positively to how you can be a helpful customer. 🙂 My husband worked retail and as a waiter and as a result, he is always super considerate of the employees. He will always stack our dishes properly and clean off our table and once he even tipped more than the total cost of the whole meal lol. I think working that kind of job teaches a lot since you know what it feels like. Again, congrats!! 🙂

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  4. I can totally relate! I quit my retail job because I was done dealing with their bullshit. Express is by far the worst to work at. My manager took me off the schedule for one week to train new people and I was never put back on the schedule until 5 weeks later. I quit that week with no 2 week notice. I also hated the rules of retail! My OCD didn’t like having to re tidy up everything just because someone can’t just normal look for their size, they have to throw other shirts around

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      1. I can totally relate to that . It’s shit with the people you have to deal with … I have no regrets quitting the quality wasn’t even that good for what they were charging

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