Channels I can’t get enough of

For the past couple months I’ve been spending a good couple hours of my day on that great little ol’ app, YouTube. I got sucked into it, and now I can’t seem to stop watching the channels I absolutely fell in love with.

As I mentioned in my post about the things I obsessed over in August I’ve just been so into YouTube lately, and I think it’s because I mostly watch vlogs and they’re basically like shorter versions of reality tv shows (which are honestly my vice)

I also promised you guys an in -depth review of all my favourite channels so I thought that I wouldn’t make you wait any longer and that I’ll hopefully get some of you obsessed with these channels as well- so we can obsess together, obviously, duh.

Let’s dive in!


Family Vlogging Channel \ Uploads daily 

I fell in love with KKandbabyJ the moment that I started watching their vlogs. They’re the  most genuine people and constantly put a smile on my face. They live in Florida, and just welcomed a baby boy into the world a few weeks ago, making them a family of five! Keren and Khoa are the parents to three sweet, adorable boys- Jackson, Landon, and Sutton (from oldest to youngest). They’re always doing really cool home DIY’s and I love the way that Keren decorates, plus she always lets us in on where she gets her decorations/decor! They all have quirky, down to earth personalities and I honestly can’t get enough of their channel.

Keren also has a second channel, Keren Swan where she posts all kinds of videos on parenting, weight loss, life updates, and other fun stuff to binge watch. Go check them out guys!


Elle and babes

Family Vlogging Channel \ Uploads 1-3x per week 

Elle and babes was the first YouTube channel that I started to watch, and what lead me into my YouTube obsession. Elle and Graham are young parents that got pregnant with their daughter Lacey in high school and shortly after were married. Elle and her hilarious husband Graham are now the parents of Lacey and Wolf, and are also currently expecting their third! They recently announced the pregnancy and I couldn’t be more happy for them. They are so raw and real and they don’t pretend to have the picture perfect life that we assume all people with a major following have- they’ve had some major up’s and down’s dealing with their marriage, being young parents, the kids health, and everyday stresses. Through it all, they always keep a positive and upbeat attitude which is really refreshing to watch, and they always make me laugh. Especially Lacey.


The Ace Family

Family Vlogging Channel \ Uploads 2-3x per week 

May I just say, that The Ace Family has the best intro ever. Austin and Catherine are parents to the cutest little girl named Elle, and are expecting their second child as well! Austin refers to Elle and the baby as his “princesses” and to Catherine as his “Queen” and it melts my heart. They have a huge following, and they do amazing things with their influence, the most recent being bringing clean drinking water via wells to several communities in Africa. The Ace Family always keeps me entertained because Austin is always up to something! Whether it’s surprising Elle with a pet monkey, or surprising Catherine with a giraffe for her birthday, he’s always doing something out of the box and fun as heck to watch.


Georgia Bridgers

Sit-down videos & occasional vlogs \ Uploads once a week

I LOVE GEORGIA BRIDGERS (aka Road to Runway). Georgia is the president of her sorority at the University of Cincinnati and she has the best personality, oh my god, seriously. She’s just so cute and full of amazing positive energy I want to bottle it up and save it for myself. She does a variety of video’s about college life, beauty, tags, concert vlogs, a little bit of anything and everything. Most recently, she came out of the closet about being bisexual and has really opened up and shared the experience with her subscribers. I get bummed that she only posts once a week because I could watch her for hours!


Elle Mills

Amazing content creator \ Uploads spontaneously 

I don’t even really know how to describe Elle Mills’ channel besides amazing and hilarious. She’s a Canadian content creator and I’ve pretty much watched 80% of her videos. She has AMAZING editing, transitioning, and footage skills- not to mention she’s so fucking funny. My girlfriend thinks YouTube channels are boring and is not into them more often then not, but the second that I showed her Elle Mills she was hooked. She just has the best videos, the best ideas, and I just love her okay. Go subscribe. Like now.


Let me know what channel you liked the most in the comment section below!

I’ll update you guys next month and let you know of any other channels that I come across, and of course feel free to drop any channel link(s) that you’d like me to check out in the comments.

As always,

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