Fall Fashion Inspiration

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The last thing that I would call my self is a fashionista. I often complain about my wardrobe with the famous line “I have nothing to wear” and then have a break down feeling defeated, like I don’t know how to dress myself.

For my girlfriends benefit as much as my own, I decided to quit complaining and do something about it! I’m currently in the process of purging through my closet and getting rid of those items that I know I never wear but keep anyways just in case (you all know what I’m talking about)

I’ve learned that sticking with a few basic pieces can not only make your life easier but completely change your wardrobe in terms of style. Pinterest has been my go-to lately for finding staple pieces and outfit ideas!

Here’s what I’m diggin’ for this fall

How comfy and cozy does this look? I know white can be dangerous (for all the not-so-coordinated people out there like me) but just like black- it goes with everything.

A little dressier then leggings and can be paired with just about anything! I love the look of black jeans with or without rips/distressing.

I’ve been searching for a tank like this for ages. I love that it can be dressed up or down and it’s super sleek yet simple. Again it’s white so it’s easy to match with anything- a true staple piece to your wardrobe.

I don’t know when I fell in love with this lovely burnt yellow colour, but it is so fitting for fall. Give me all the yellow knits, I want them all!!!!

Last but not least, I’ve been obsessed with Mom style jeans for way too long. They’re so cute and comfortable- and there’s so many ways you can wear them! I prefer the lighter washes but the dark washes are really nice too!

I hope this post helps at least one person with their fall look book, I know it’s helped my wardrobe tremendously!

If you have a staple fall piece in your wardrobe let me know what it is in the comment section below!

As always,

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