Photo Series– Our Sunflower Field Adventure

Hello to all my beautiful subscribers, and welcome to the newest series on my blog– the photo series.

I’m super excited about this series for a lot of reasons but I’ll just name a few. Since I started my blog it’s been all about me and the products that I’m testing out and reviewing or my opinion on things, and while thats fine and dandy (because it is my blog) I want to showcase the talent that my beautiful girlfriend has, with you guys.

When she gets behind a camera, let me tell you, it’s like it’s only her and the camera that exist in that moment. To see her face light up after she gets a good shot is something that warms me from the inside out.

Mainly she just takes photos when we go out and adventure- but they’re such amazing shots that I can’t believe she isn’t sharing them with the world.

I hope that you all enjoy this new series, and enjoy her amazing photo’s!

If you want to check out the vlog that we filmed of our adventure with the sunflowers click here!

Edwards Farm Store (and their sunflower fields)













I hope that you all enjoyed the photo’s, make sure to give this post a big like and comment what photo you liked the best if you want to see more posts like this!

As always,

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