How To Get Free Samples (Canadian Blogger Edition)

As many of you know— I love to test out and review products! My blog basically runs on free samples although I do have a few collaborations that are in the works that I’m super excited about- stay tuned for that coming up. But for now I’m gonna give you the scoop on where I get my free samples so that I always have something to test and try out and I don’t break the bank. Not to mention the most important part, it provides great content for this blog!

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There are some really amazing programs that allow you to test out and review complimentary products in exchange for a few things from you after you enjoy the use of the product! Let’s dive in and explore the options!


Influenster is notorious for their high-end free samples and full size products. It’s actually an app that you can download straight to your phone. It has tons and tons of beauty reviews, forums, articles, and of course selfies of everyones best make-up looks.

The way that you start receiving samples/products is by staying active on the app, reviewing products, and completing the surveys (which take less than 2 minutes to do and are all about what you like to use). You can also up your chances by connecting all your social media increasing your “influence score”, this is the total number of people who follow you from all your social media platforms combined!

When you get selected for testing out a product, they will assign you a campaign. It’s little tasks such as posting an image of the product on your Instagram or Twitter. Once you complete the campaign you have a chance to win a mega box prize from whatever brand was sent to you.

I get sent products from Influenster quite frequently, in fact I’ve reviewed some products from Influenster on this blog- you can find those posts here and here.

If you guys want to sign up for Influenster click here and start receiving your free samples!

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ChickAdvisor is kinda sorta like Influenster– in the way that you still review products, they have awesome articles, and amazing forums. The way that it’s different is when it comes to the Product Review Club.

The product review club is ChickAdvisor’s way of doing a “campaign”. To enter the club, you have to complete the following:

1. Register for your free ChickAdvisor account
2. Review at least 5 products on your own
3. Take our Get to Know You Survey
4. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified about upcoming influencer programs

It’s a really simple process, and again it doesn’t take long. I often copy and paste my reviews from Influenster and plug them in over on ChickAdvisor. Make sure you stay active on this platform as well to maximize your chances of getting products!

When you receive the email notification that there’s a new product available to test out and review, there will be a survey attached to determine your eligibility for the product. This is the one thing I don’t particularly like about ChickAdvisor, it’s a bit of a gamble on whether you’ll get the product or not.

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To be honest I don’t really use this website too frequently, but I figured that I would include it because I have received some samples from them before.

BzzAgent is like ChickAdvisor and Influenster combined into one. It has campaigns, surveys, and grades your social media influence as well as your participation on social media with BzzAgent’s hashtags. The grading system is called the “Buzz Score” to learn more about that you can click here.

When you’re being considered for a product to test out and review they will give you a prequalifying survey (like ChickAdvisor) which again I don’t really like.

This website took me a while to figure out at first, maybe I just wasn’t paying attention to direction but I found it difficult to understand at first how it worked and why the heck I couldn’t just write reviews directly on the website (I still don’t really know why)

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NOW on to the nitty gritty.. all my favourite freebie websites! This is unfortunately only for Canadian’s but I’m sure that you could find various versions of these websites that are compatible for where you’re from. Lets dive in.

Canadian Free Stuff

Canadian Free Stuff always has a great list of freebies from a range of different companies, and is updated regularly. You can find freebies for just about anything on this website- food, children’s toys, coupons, beauty products, cleaning supplies, supplements and vitamins, you name it.

Save a Loonie

Save a Loonie is my favourite freebie website (for those of you who don’t know what a Loonie is, that’s the Canadian $1 coin). This is the website that I have the most luck with finding high-end make-up samples, and it’s updated regularly. It also has a lot of food freebies and coupons which is always a plus.

Red Flag Deals

Red Flag Deals is another great website. They do a lot of Amazon, Apple, and entertainment freebies but I can also find the rare beauty sample. I’m not sure how often this one gets updated because I tend to lean more toward the other two websites as they have more beauty sample options.

Free Stuff Finder

Last but not least, Free Stuff Finder has an array of freebies from every category. I do like   this website but it’s not updated regularly so I use it very rarely- I have gotten a couple of really great hair product samples from them before so I do check it out now and then to see if it’s been updated.

I hope that this post has been helpful to my fellow Canadian Bloggers, sometimes it can be a pain to find an amazing freebie only to realize it’s only open the U.S residents.

Let me know if this post helped you in the comment section below!

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There are some really amazing programs that allow you to test out and review complimentary products in exchange for a few things from you after you enjoy the use of the product! Let’s dive in and explore the options!

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