July Favourites

Hi everyone! ♥︎

Today I wanted to let you in on what I was obsessed with during the month of July! I’m sharing everything I’m currently into– from podcasts, to books, to TV shows. Let’s dive in.

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On the Telly

I watch a different variety of television shows, I don’t have a genre that’s my go-to but I do stay away from horror (yikes)

When it comes to finding new shows, that’s my girlfriend’s department. She’s introduced me to 99.9% of the shows that I’ve fallen in love with. Thanks babe.


Friends or F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my go-to. It’s the show I put on every night and fall asleep to, it’s the show I grew up watching, and it’s the show that can still make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it (and trust me, I’ve seen it a LOT). It’s such a good sitcom, and gives you all the 90’s nostalgia.


Jersey Shore Family Vacation 

WAAAAAH- I actually just finished season one and I must say that the OG cast of Jersey Shore killed the reunion! They came, and they came hard. I’m not shocked though, I was expecting the season to be wild. I have always been a Jersey Shore fan, I remember watching it in Elementary school (probably when I shouldn’t be) so I was so hype about the Family Vacation and so sad that it’s over. BUT they’ve already confirmed a season two, I just don’t know when it’s coming nevertheless I’m uber excited.


Teen Mom 2 

Ya’ll know I’m a Teen Mom fan, and this season of Teen Mom 2 has been nothing but dramaaaaa. Is this show even about parenting and the kids anymore? I don’t know but I still keep watching it. They should honestly call it “Bri and Kail baby mama drama” because it seems like that’s all this season focused on. I NEED MORE CHELSEA AND LESS DRAMA PLS.



I fell in love with podcasts about a year ago, although I only really listen to two regularly. I’m currently expanding my podcast library, so I’ll let you know if there’s any cool new ones I happen to stumble upon. For now, these are my two favourite.

It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey

It’s Happening is a place where Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and her gay best friend Joey Camasta come to shoot the shit. They talk about a different range of things (products, celeb gossip, food, Mom life, etc) in episodes that are released every Thursday. Nicole and Joey seriously make me laugh until my sides hurt- they’re typically a little tipsy while recording which just makes for an even better time. If you’re familiar with Nicole from being on the Jersey Shore you’ll love this podcast, it allows you to stay up to date with the latest inside scope of what’s going on in her life and career.


Coffee Convo’s 

Coffee Convo’s is a podcast hosted by Kailyn Lowery from Teen Mom 2 and Lindsie Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best. Although I’m not a huge fan of Lindsie (I seriously hate the sound of her voice and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why) I love this podcast. It’s very similar to It’s Happening in the way that these two ladies get together and just shoot the shit. My favourite part of the podcast is usually when they focus on Kail, being a fan of the show she’s on it’s interesting to hear her talk about it from her perspective. You really get an inside about what it feels like to be on Teen Mom. She also talks about rumours and tabloid stories, dispelling what’s not true and confirming what is. Both of the women are boy Mom’s and they talk about parenting and life with boys quite frequently.


Currently Reading

I’ve been so absorbed in the Outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon. I’m currently on the fourth book of the series which I actually just started a few days ago, called Drums of Autumn. 

The series follows an 18th century Scottish Highlander and a time traveler who falls back in time 200 years and also falls in love with said Scottish Highlander. The adventures that the pair go on will cause you to binge-read, needing to know what happens next. The slew of characters introduced throughout the series will fascinate you and capture your heart but also cringe at the same time. Diana knows how to play with her readers emotions.

If you wanna read my review of the first two novels of this series click here. 


Vlogger Love

This past month I’ve found an adoration for vloggers. I followed quite a few channels that I’ve now been keeping up with like I keep up with my tv shows. I never thought I’d be one of those people into YouTube, but nevertheless heres a channel I fell in love with;

Elle and Babes

The Noudet’s are a family that vlog their daily life with their adorable two kids. Elle, Graham, Lacey, and Wolf are the cutest family of four and are also a young family. Elle and Graham got married when they were 17 years old which at that point they already had baby Lacey. Wolf came next in 2017, now they’re 21 and expecting baby #3! I laugh, smile, cry, and get all in my feels with their vlogs. They also do cool challenges and sit down videos as well. Such genuine, real, raw, and honest people that you’ll adore.


Comment below if you check out any of the following currents I’m into and let me know what you think, and let me know what you’re currently obsessed with!

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Sharing everything I’m currently into for the month of July- from podcasts, to books, to TV shows.

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  1. I don’t really listen to podcasts or watch vlogs but, I loved reading your telly & books sections! I don’t know how I had absolutely no idea about Jersey Shore Family Vacation!! I def need to watch that asap. 😀

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