The Mind Behind Bakersfield Beauty Blog

I am so excited for you all to get to know the beautiful soul behind the amazing Bakersfield Beauty Blog.

Kelsey is such a down to earth, real and raw women which I appreciate so much these days. When it comes to being authentically yourself, we could all learn a thing or two from Kelsey.

She breaks that cookie cutter image that most influencers and beauty bloggers fit into- embracing her beauty and encouraging others to do the same. She truly is such an inspiring women, with such a beautiful mind, and a fun informative blog that you’ll be addicted to.

Kelsey is 25 years old, and is the beauty behind the blog. She’s married to her high school sweet heart (how adorable) and has a passion for blogging, makeup, and event design! Talk about a women with many talents!

I also own an event and wedding company

Being a successful beauty blogger/boss lady like herself, of course I had to ask- what is the #1 key to success when it comes to running a beauty blog? Share the wisdom girl!

The #1 key to success is succeeding for yourself. Don’t try to prove anyone wrong, do it because you love to do it and it’s your passion. If you are passionate, there is no way that you can fail

Kelsey is a very personable women, which comes in handy when you’re a blogger. Putting herself out there and having a welcoming heart not only makes everyone fall in love with Kelsey but it also makes establishing connections come as a breeze.

I like to stay consistent with posting on Instagram or my blog, and I also like to go to as many events as I can. I also like to meet up with local business owners and chat them up at a coffee shop!

Kelsey is a huge inspiration to me, and I love keeping up with her by following her blog and her Instagram! I always find it’s interesting to see who inspires the people that inspire you- I love exploring other influences that I can gain some perspective from. Here’s who inspires Bakersfield Beauty Blog!

I look up to many bloggers, I feel that I can draw inspiration from everyone. My favorite bloggers are Lauren Everets with The Skinny Confidential, Cara Awill Leyba with The Champagne Diet, and Rachel Barkules with Life’s Candy Jar. There are just a few to name.

I can’t say that I admire one blogger over them all. They all are amazing at what they do in their own way.

My Aunt Cindy is the person that inspires and motivates me to keep succeeding. Her support means the world to me and I don’t think that I would have come this far without her.

When you’re truly being your authentic self, sometimes along with the praise you receive the criticism also comes. How you deal with that criticism can either impact you positively or negatively and your mindset will determine that.

My advice would be to take some of the criticism into consideration to an extent, you want to grow and evolve, so you want to make sure that you are posting what others want to see or read. But don’t take every little comment to the heart, you have to remember that at the end of the day, your opinion matters, not the person at the other end of the screen.

Kelsey is inspirational and influential, so it’s no wonder companies want the chance to work with her! It’s every bloggers dream to be able to collaborate with big companies in hopes of influencing their views in the right direction with amazing reviews.

I had to know- what’s was Kelsey’s favourite campaign to work on?

My favorite campaign would have to be Torrid. I worked so hard for that collaboration and they have had such a huge impact on my style and helping me comfortable in my own skin. I will never forget the day that I received that email.

As an influential beauty blogger, the big final question was- what does the future hold?

I am hoping that blogging will eventually become my full-time career. I have put so much time and effort into because that is how much I love to blog. Fingers crossed!

Parting Words..

The best part of being a beauty blogger is getting to make new friends and open up. I get to step out of my comfort zone and take photos in a public place. I get to try new products or looks. I get to experience life the way I was meant to.

I want to thank Kelsey for taking the time to talk to me and connecting with me on a personal level! It was amazing getting to know you and I wish nothing but the best for you in the future. Know that you’ll always have an avid follower in me.

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As always,

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I am so excited for you all to get to know the beautiful soul behind the amazing Bakersfield Beauty Blog.

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