Boss Babe Interview with Emily Clare

When I first started my blog, as I’m sure most of you who have a blog did – I started following many other amazing and talented bloggers. Emily’s blog is one of the first that I happened to stumble upon and it’s one that I still draw inspiration from to this day! She’s intelligent, witty, and has such a great sense of humour! There isn’t one post that I don’t get at least one chuckle out of.

Emily is 20 years young and lives in sunny Devon (she’s usually sarcastic about that, but at the moment it’s super hot there- I for one am super jealous). She started her blog in March 2016, which is focused around beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and advice all mixed with her witty humour.

I actually had another blog before under an anonymous name… but that’s MEGA cringe so I try and block the memories of that out!

When I asked her what inspired her to get into blogging, she called on Zoella ,popular beauty and lifestyle blogger from the UK. Emily took her inspiration and not only used it to fuel the love for her own blog, she found value in owning a blog that could help her with her education.

I know so many people would say this but I got into blogging because of Zoella. I have watched her for years and she really inspired me to give it ago. I am not much of a reader either so I thought it might help me progress my English skills to help with exams too.

Even though she looked to Zoella for inspiration, she labels her blogging style as unique. She throws in her own unique twists by abbreviating words, changing the fonts or adding italics and bold words.

I want to come across like I am talking to you not that you are reading something with no personality. I try and make it sound chatty and relatable.

On top of running a very successful blog, Emily is a full time student. Talk about juggling!  Being a successful, busy women isn’t a walk in the park- here’s what her average day looks like as a full time Boss Babe.

  Currently I am at college doing A Levels (but I leave in literally 2 days AHHH) so it’s a 8am wake up for School at 9, then I get home about 2-4 ish depending on my lessons and then I do revision, maybe blog and maybe go to the gym. Unless it’s Friday then I will go to the gym and then go to work (I work behind a bar and I love it!).

With a schedule as tight as Emily’s one often wonders how you find the balance among it. Fitting everything in can be a struggle, she’s revising for exams, going to school, working, fitting in family and blogging! That can be a lot for anyone to handle on any given day, taking time for yourself is the most important thing you can do- the loyal people in your life will stick around.

 If I am honest I feel like I am doing a poor job of it because I am hurting people by some of my decisions or being such a moody grumps! But I try and put my blog a side a bit because it will still be there tomorrow or the next day, and I have loyal followers who respect my busy schedule.

Learning to juggle being a full time Boss Babe comes with major learning curves, and each one ultimately makes you grow and become more aware. But sometimes those life lessons come surprisingly and you aren’t quite ready for them, here’s a curve ball that came at Emily and how she hit it out of the park.

I have learnt how to accept that ignorance I feel like I have tried my best then that’s the most important thing. For example with my exams, I can do up to 7 hours of revision a day and I have been revising since March. I know I have put guts into it and that’s all I can do. With my blog, I have learnt that I need to accept my content and love it because I have a real love hate relationship with my photography.

Emily and I have a huge anxiety in common in turns out: driving. Where she’s from there are numerous country lanes (again, so jealous) and she felt as though it was holding her back. Counting on the genuine people in your life to help you through your moments of anxiety is valuable.

yesterday my friend Charlotte was basically telling me to just go for it and over come my fears or else I will hold myself back (we were talking about driving and how I have a fear of driving on country lanes -something that’s common where I live unfortunately) but it relates to a lot for me.

After getting to know Emily, I only found it fitting to get her take on how to run a successful blog. After all, having over 6000 followers kind of makes her an expert.

The first question is something that everyone wants to know, what is the best platform to  promote your blog on? How exactly do you get 6000 followers?

I would say Instagram. You can really allow you creative flare to shine there and a lot of bloggers have much more followers on their Instagram than their blogs which then transfer to their blogs. I also think Twitter is very upcoming. Facebook is good for businesses and finding groups of other bloggers but I don’t tend to use it.

Finding a platform to promote yourself is an important aspect, but Emily assures me that it doesn’t happen overnight like everyone likes to believe. It takes consistency and dedication.

I have been blogging over two years (Jheeeezzzzz) and I am still struggling with stats and followers but my blog now has over 6000 so it does pay off. Two you need to find your niche. If you copy someone or are very samey then people aren’t going to read your blog because they might have done the whole “been there done that, seen that read that” scenario. And finally, relax about it. I stress myself out about blog too much sometimes but I have to remind myself I started it because I enjoyed it, I have to take myself back to the reason why I started it.

After discussing some key things to get your blog some viewers and how to make it your own- I needed to know. What was next for Emily and her blog, what should her viewers expect to see in the upcoming months?

Well after my exams finish I am going to be FREE and I am going to become a full time blogger!! Honestly excited is an understatement and I have HUGEEE plans stored away in my brain that I can’t wait to dribble out in mindmaps and pretty diagrams! Watch this space because it will be amazing!!

I am so excited to see what your huge plans bring us, your blog has definitely set the bar when it comes to beauty and lifestyle blogs.

You can find Emily and all her social media connects through her blog:

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